Fishnet Machine Cam is designed having a hand wheel-like structure and is provided with a section at center for connecting shaft. Cams Manufacturer play a very important function in the processes and operation of fishnet looms. These cams are made having specially designed structural profile with help of software-based machine. Our manufactured cam is provided with holes for fastening into machine that is intended to be used for making fishing net. It provides motion in rotational form to the looms and makes them working properly. This Cam for Fishnet Looms is planned from solid crude materials to guarantee to improve the viability and execution of the weavers. It is accessible to add speed to the weaving machines their capacities for growing superb fishnet. It needs less oiling and grease alongside upkeep even after ordinary use.

Features of Fishnet Machine Cams

  • Durable design with tough structure
  • No need to repair and maintain for years
  • No abrasion, rust and cracks
  • Boost the speed of fishing looms with its accurate design
  • Rugged construction
  • High precision
  • Corrosion resistance
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