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C.S Panchal & Co. is India’s leading prominent manufacturer, supplier of optimum based Cams for Sulzer Loom, Cams for Staubli Motion and Cam for Toyota Airjet Loom. Apart from this, we also offer air jet and replacement spares for different looms. Beginning of the modern unrest saw the development and improvement of Textile industry around the world. As is obvious, that with any industry there was huge demand for high quality CAMs for various machines. We at C.S Panchal started our industry with the clear vision to manufacture High Precession CAMs for machines.

What is CAM?

CAM – Computer Aid Manufacturing

Cam is a Computer Aid Manufacturing means using the machines that are controlled by computers. CAM is hugely used across all sectors of industry. The machines which use the CAM works as per the computer numerical control, strings of numbers control the machine. The number provides all the commands such as direction to move, how fast etc. and these commands are stored in the machine as a program. Cam, machine component that either rotates or moves back and forth to create an arranged motion in a contacting element known as a follower. The prescribed motion and the profile of the follower determine the shape of the contacting surface of the cam; the latter is usually flat or circular. Loom Cams Manufacturers In India are available in all shapes and sizes and are found in most of the branches of engineering. Without the help of Cam, our everyday appliances would not work. Simple cams shape the premise of turning cam clocks which are utilized to control some family apparatuses, vehicle motor would not work without the cams and numerous mechanical machine devices depend upon them. In truth cams are pervasive.

Types of Cam

  • Disk or Plate Cam
  • Cylindrical Cam
  • Translating Cam
  • Wedge or flat cams
  • Radial or Disc Cams
  • Spiral cams
  • Conjugate cams
  • Globoidal Cams
  • Spherical cams

Advantages of Cams

  • Very long life
  • Quiet Operations
  • Low shock and acceleration
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Greater Consistency

Elements of Cam

  • Cam is known as driver member
  • Follower is known as driver member
  • The one that supports the cam and guides the follower is known as frame

Specifications of Cams

Cam manufacturing services manufacture cams and camshafts that meet detailed specifications. For example, camshaft specifications can include:

  • Rocker ratio
  • Lifter type
  • Lifter lash
  • Open and close events for intake and exhaust valves
  • Intake and exhaust duration (SAE)
  • Lobe and valve lift for intake and exhaust
  • Lobe center for intake and exhaust
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Cam Manufacturing Services

Cam manufacturing services use special equipments such as machining and turning centers under CNC computer control to produce cams to customer specifications. The manufacturing procedure for cam can deliver an assortment of work, from little itemized pieces to huge castings. Cams can be produced using an assortment of materials, including high temperature amalgams, for example, nickel and titanium compounds. A cam manufacturing administration can refresh more seasoned cam information and supply cam structures as required (producing yield documents as well as ace cams).

Why choose our Cams for machines?

With huge experience and good reputation in the market, we are presenting a premium quality of Cam. Our hard work is to get the maximum loyalty of valuable customers has helped us in increasing sales. All looms and Cams Manufacturer are produced with the latest advanced techniques and modern technology. As we have gathered a huge clientele in domestic as well as international market.

Cams For Vamatex Looms Manufacturer

Quality Standards of the Cams Manufactured

C.S. Panchal follows the policy of maintaining the best quality of all the products, proving to the internationally accepted level of workmanship and performance. We are bounded by the assurance to respect the commitment made to the customer in all aspects of our relationship. Our manufactured cam services meet diverse certification and quality requirements. By no means, an accident, quality is dependably the aftereffect of high aim, earnest exertion, clever course, and adroit execution. Every part of quality is customized for customers. We trust brilliance isn’t just an enthusiasm, hard working attitude. It is a vague look incorporated with the human factor, in concordance with the fundamental human qualities. These comprise an outstanding item personality that portrays our items.

Some of the reason we have received the trusted clients is as follows.

  • Fine team of professional
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Large experience with 48 years in the industry
  • Premium quality products
  • Customer oriented
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive pricing

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